What does your babushka say about your personality ?

If you were to go around and look at the different things that people collect, you would probably be surprised. Collections are all different and unique, and sometimes people collect some odd things. Even if two people collected the same type of things, you would find so many differences in their collections! One type of collection is especially unique, and that is a collection of Babushkas. Each set of dolls is very unique as they are hand crafted and have their own stories to tell. I would even venture as to say that every Babushka in someone’s collection is a reflection of themselves. So look around at your collection, what do you think your collection says about you? Well here are a few guidelines to help you uncover this hidden secret! With these two elements, you might learn a little bit about yourself.



One of the most basic things you will notice about your collection is that each Babushka has its own individual color(s). Colors can really say a lot about your personality. For example, if your collection consists of many shades of red you’re probably a very optimistic and warm person. You’re confident in letting your inner light shine and want to be around people in order to succeed.

Take another look around your collection, do you see a lot of blues? The color blue is a sign that you are very trustworthy type of person! You are hardworking and everyone around you finds you very reliable. I bet you can guess what it means to have the color yellow in your collection, just like the sun shining up in the sky you are very cheerful and happy! Yellow also means that you are fun to be around.



A major portion of any Babushka collection is the patterns that they display across their stomachs. One of the most common patterns on a Babushka is the floral design. I bet you have a couple of those in your collection! A floral design means that you love to smile! You appreciate the little things in life and love to laugh. You can brighten up the face of a loved one in no time at all!

Another famous design on a Babushka is the rooster, or any animal in this case. An animal means that you have a big heart. It means that you care so much about the world around you and tend to put others above yourself. Finally, the last pattern you should look for is a Babushka that tells a story. If you have a piece that tells a story, it means that you hold onto your inner childlike innocence. Some may call it childish, but you just know how to enjoy life!


You collection makes you different than anyone else in the world. You know yourself better than anyone, but I bet you were shocked by how accurate this personality test was. With this is mind, keep collecting and have fun being you!

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