Why babushkas make the best gifts ?

Have you ever set out to try and find the perfect gift for a special someone? If so then you know that going through countless stores and finding nothing that really speaks to you. You set out trying to find a gift that will shine just like that person in your life, but you returned feeling like all you did was settle for something that was just alright.

Don’t worry one more hair on that pretty little head, because we’ve got a pretty unique solution for you! Have you ever considered giving a babushka doll as a gift? Don’t listen to the stereotypes that say these dolls are only for your grandma, because those rumors are so wrong! If you need to be convinced, then let us give you a few reasons why these lovely dolls are the gift you’ve been searching for.

For starters, babushka dolls are hand crafted. These dolls are first carved, then drawn out, then hand painted. This means that no two dolls are the same and that each one is given a little bit of tender love and care. When you are shopping at those big box stores, you’ll find that nothing is personally made anymore. Everything you can find on the shelves was made in a factory on a conveyor belt. Is there any better way to tell someone how special they are to you than with a gift that is one of a kind?

Another reason to consider is that babushka dolls have their own personalities. From their cute and smiling face to their decadent designs, every doll tells their own story and has their own personal energy. Every time your loved looks at their doll they will be met with a set of warm eyes and a loving smile, all accompanied by rosy red cheeks. There aren’t many gifts out there that can offer you that! No mp3 player is going to smile back at you in the morning, and there is no pair of socks that can make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside!

Last but not least, babushkas can tell a story. When you are out looking for the perfect doll for your loved one you can find a babushka with a story that suits them perfectly. This way you will be giving a gift that is totally customized. Your loved ones will be sure to remember your gift for years and years to come, and they might even give you a doll in return!

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