How to decorate with babushkas ?

Russian stacking dolls, lovingly called Babushkas, are a lovely tradition that has lived on through the years.  Their beauty has been striking us for years! Now, if you are a true Babushka lover then I’m sure you’ve got a nice little collection of your own at home. Maybe your mother gave you a Babushka for Christmas, or maybe your Grandmother gave you hers that she had since she was a child. Or maybe you found this hobby on your own and are building your own collection. However you started this hobby, these dolls really mean something to you!

Now, there’s a difference between a hobby and a passion. If Babushkas are your passion, it means that they are on your mind all the time, and that it shows! Maybe you’ve got a cute little Babushka key chain on your car key or your house key; or maybe you’ve painted your own Babushka and have proudly shown it off to your friends and family. But don’t you think it’s time for your passion to become a bigger part of your home? Sure, you’ve got your dolls up on the shelf, but I think that they deserve much more than just that, and this room needed to be redecorated anyways. Just picture it now, you sitting in your very own Babushka room!

So how can we turn this ordinary room into a Babushka-fabulous room? First things first, we need to start from scratch. The first step into creating the perfect Babushka room is painting it a light and happy color. There are few options for you to choose from here: maybe you would like the paint color to match your favorite set of Babushkas, or maybe you’d like to design the room yourself. Either way it’s time to channel your inner artist and have a little fun. If you are looking for a color suggestion, a few common Babushka colors are pink, blue, or even red.  Whatever color you choose, be sure to focus on a happy color.

Now that we’ve done all the hard work, it’s time to do the fun step! Step two is decorating, and here is where you can let your passion go crazy. Maybe you should hang up a string of cute Babushka lights, or hang up some cute Babushka accessories from the ceiling. I bet a few cute Babushka throw pillows would really make the room pop, or a few cute Babushka wall hangings such as posters or paintings. Make this room personalized and fit you perfectly. In no time, you’ll have a room that you can be proud of! Good luck, and have fun!

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