How to paint your own babushka?

Maybe you were looking for a fun craft to do, or maybe you are a collector who is looking for something silly to do, either way painting your own Babushka doll can be so much fun. A doll that you paint yourself is something that you can have fun doing and create memories in the process. If this is your first time painting a doll then please allow us to give you a few tips that might help your time go as smoothly as possible.

1. Sketch with a pencil first: I don’t know about you, but I am no artist. When I’m starting a project, I always make sure to draw out the basics in pencil first. This will allow you to erase any mistakes and even change your mind about your idea in the first place. Maybe you started off with the idea of drawing a flower, and then halfway through you decided that you’d rather draw a butterfly. With a pencil in your hand, anything is possible.

2. Lay down some newspaper: As you may know, painting gets a little messy no matter how careful you are. You’ll thank us later when you’re table cloth isn’t covered in paint. It takes a few seconds, so don’t forget it.

3. Choose colors that complement each other: Before you paint your doll, try to think of how the colors will look next to each other. If you think that they will make a good match, then go for it! Also, try to avoid too much color mixing, you don’t want to go from having many beautiful colors to one nice shade of brown.

4. Have fun: This is the best part of the whole thing. You get to paint now! There aren’t many times in your adult life where you are allowed to be messy and childish, but this is one of them. Whether you are creating a masterpiece worthy of bragging about, or you are painting a doll that you can laugh about later, you’ll have a great time painting.

Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself an artist, these dolls are just for you. You can make them any way that you want! Also, by painting these dolls yourself, you’ll probably appreciate your lovely hand painted dolls even more. Painting dolls like those takes a little skill, but we’re just here to have fun and paint!

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