How to start your babushka collection ?

Starting a collection can be a little odd sometimes. It usually starts by finding one piece that just captures your imagination. Whatever it is, there is something about that first piece that just made you have to have it. Then soon you saw more and more pieces that would look great alongside it, and pretty soon you were labeled as a collector. Well, you’ve been checking out a lot of Babushka dolls, but how do you start your own collection? Where do you even start?

Collecting Babushkas can be so much fun! But the most important part of the collection is finding that first piece as we mentioned before. There are no rules to finding this first piece though. You just need to find a doll that speaks to you. You need to find a doll that seems to say that it wants to be in your home. Who knows when that will happen? It’s kind of like finding the love of your life, it will happen when you least expect it. You’ll be searching through dolls and suddenly one will just pop out, and you’ll know right away.

As soon as that special doll makes it to your home, you’ll be an official collector. Then the next fun part starts, you get to create a little family for your first Babushka. Some people might like to think of her as the grandmother to a proud family, or maybe a loving friend to all the others as they walk through the door. Whatever motivation you give your collection, you’ll get to find pieces that match your tastes exactly.

Maybe you prefer bright colors, maybe you like dolls that are traditionally styled, maybe you like the ‘pregnant’ style dolls that house a whole generation inside of them! Before you know it, your collection will begin to take on a one of a kind personality that will light up your home. All of your dolls will just seem to fit together perfectly as if they were all made together. But really they were made to be together and you brought them all here. The heart of a collector is open to all and you’ve brought this sweet little adopted family together with love!

The life of a collector isn’t for everyone. If you have an open heart, a strong passion, and the will to be creative, then you just might have the collector’s spirit in your bones. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and create your own little family!

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