Kirov 10-set (white / blue ) Babushka


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What could be better than having all of your loved ones around you? This family is always near each other so that they can spend some bonding time together. They’ve already got a very large family but they would love it if you could join their family!


The “Nolinsk Traditional” Matryoshka is different from the others , it has a slightly rounder shape and big face. They are painted in accordance with the local tradition, The distinctive future of the Nolinsk Matryoshka is its face , long eyelashes and a naïve yet very pretty face . Decorated with softer flowers.

Set of: 10
Size Largest: 12.5 cm or 5″ 
Finish : Glossy

As all of our matrysohka babushka Russian nesting dolls, this one is handcrafted in the heart Russia. It is hand turned from linden wood and then hand painted by a professional nesting doll artist. It is a typical nesting doll, and each smaller piece of the set fits into the next larger one. Each doll is coated with 3-5 layers of crystal clear lacquer.

*Each doll is handmade and hand-painted, actual sizes and styles may vary slightly

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