Classic vs Modern Babushkas

Classic vs Modern Babushkas. It’s the age-old question that has popped up everywhere over the ages: which is better, the old stuff or the new stuff? Now just apply this idea to Babushka dolls and we’ve got a real problem going. How can you choose between two things that are just so great?

Well, we’ll try to compare the two and you can choose for yourself which one is better. Classic: Just like many other things in life, Babushkas just seem to gain a greater sense of grace with age. This doesn’t mean that the doll itself has to be old.

It could have been given to you from your grandmother who loved it all her life, or you could have bought it for yourself. Either way, you’ll notice those lovely classical patterns that we’ve grown to love. With classical patterns, you will see a lot of bold primary colors that seem to really compliment the wood of the doll.

Classic vs Modern Babushkas

In fact, you can probably see all the little handcrafted charm that lies within the doll. Classical patterns also tend to feature floral designs. These flowers may even remind you of the delicate patterns sown on your grandmother’s doilies. These patterns are comforting and inviting, which allow all those around them to really relax and enjoy them.

Modern: These dolls are just as lovely and charming, but they tend to push the envelope just a little more than their counterparts. Modern dolls feature more than just a few nice patterns, these dolls usually tell a story on their tummies. These scenes are usually detailed and striking and will pull you in every time you look at them.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the best things out there have to be older. Sometimes it’s nice to have a doll that stands out amongst the rest, one that will really spice up your collection. These modern dolls will knock your socks off!   Alright, so both of these types of dolls sound great.

I can’t quite choose which one I like better. But how about we propose a compromise? Nothing is stopping us from loving both of them equally! It’s settled, there is no battle here, we all love Babushkas no matter what kind of design they may feature!

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