Get Creative Using Our Blanks

Creating a lovelHello there, have you ever heard of painting babushka dolls before? It’s a fun and creative craft that kids will love! Babushka dolls, also known as matryoshka dolls, are those cute little wooden dolls that fit inside one another. What about making your family like dad as the biggest doll then mum then kid or kids dog cat etc the combinations are endless Painting them is a great way to let your creativity run wild and create something truly unique. You can use any colors you want and come up with your own designs. It’s a great activity for kids to do with their friends or family members. Plus makes a wonderful gift for nana or pop as a forever gift to keep on the shelf as a wonderful memory. Personally, I think painting babushka dolls is an amazing craft that everyone should try. It’s not only fun, but it also helps to develop creativity and imagination for kids and adults alike. What are you waiting for ? Grab a blank from our DIY section and start Written with love and lots of paint on my hands .y craft project with our blanks. How to Start To start off with painting your own set, here’s what you will need: A blank set of matryoshka dolls from our DIY Range Paints (gouache, tempera, oil, or acrylic) or Pencils / Texters for Little hands . Paintbrushes (broad and flat ones for filling in the colors, small-tipped for the details, and a regular round-ended brush for those in between NoT always but you can use Lacquer (varnish is also acceptable) or Clear Spray Paint A soft drawing pencil Now that you have all the tools and things needed, let’s start painting your very own custom-painted Babushka nesting dolls: To start, you need to plan your designs and colors, what each doll will represent, and so on. Line up the dolls in order from smallest to biggest to be familiar with the order. Originally, the first dolls were characterized by the typical Russian peasants: girls and boys clothed with traditional attire or farm clothes with animals or tools on their hands. You can have your family as your theme for the set (you can include pets if you want), or you can go for something completely different! Be creative with no limitations. For beginners (especially if you have kids in this activity), it’s preferred to paint each doll a uniform color. Painting them with one or two layers of white can act as a base layer for more vibrant colors. Others choose to paint the patterns and details directly on the dolls without a uniform color which also works. Using a pencil, create faint outlines for the details of your matryoshka dolls. A circle on the top part for the head will do. If you chose to go traditional for your nesting dolls, you might want to add a headscarf for your females. For kids, you can ask them to draw another circle on the doll’s belly let them draw whatever they want inside. This makes it easier for them, so they don’t feel overwhelmed with too much detail. Otherwise, feel free to design and “dress up” your dolls in any attire that you wish. Now it’s time to paint away! Starting from the head, fill in the outlined circle using a skin-tone color. Add in some fringes or baby hair if you’d like. Next, using the small-tipped brush, outline the headscarf and add some details like a knot, lace or some fur if it’s a hood. If you did not paint a circle on the doll’s belly, you can proceed to the next step. Otherwise, keep reading. Fill in the circle with any solid color of choice. Let the kids draw whatever they like inside. It could be flowers, a simple sunny scene, or their favorite cartoon character, their name or initials can also work well. The purpose of this step is to make the dolls a little less busy in the children’s eyes, which cause confusion and loss of interest for some. Begin painting on the matryoshka dolls’ clothes and other details. It’s best to outline everything with the fine-tipped brush to set boundaries and fill them in afterward. Add the facial features of your dolls and any additional details you might want. Be creative in this part and let your imagination run wild. Upon completion of the process, leave the dolls in a dry environment for a few hours (much better if left overnight) for the paint to dry. Once the paint has dried, give your nesting dolls a few coats of lacquer or varnish for a glossy finish. Leave them to dry and you’re good to go! Playing with matryoshka dolls feels like traveling on a time machine. The nesting dolls bring memories of the days where entertainment never revolved around technology. Painting your own set can also teach the importance of why the dolls are treasured in the first place. Creating them takes complete mastery of skill, patience and time. Perhaps after this activity, you’d get a better understanding of what it symbolizes and the amount of work and effort it takes that made the dolls.