How many Babushkas are enough?

How many Babushkas are enough

How many Babushkas are enough? Take a look up at your shelves right now, what do you see? I bet that you see a few Babushka dolls on display. But be honest with yourself, there are more than just a few.

You’ve got a small Babushka family going! Some of your loved ones might be becoming concerned over how many dolls you have, but don’t worry we’re here to tell you that it’s okay! You can never have too many Babushka dolls in your home and we even have a few reasons why!

1. They are always smiling:

What else can you collect that will always have a smile on its face? Stuffed animals can’t do that, because they always end up in the little arms of kids and end up getting worn out over time. Some people collect rocks, those don’t smile at all and it means you’re spending all of your time with cold, hard rocks. That doesn’t sound very inviting at all.

2. They are small:

Okay, they aren’t the smallest things in the world, but they are a lot smaller than other things that people collect. This means that you can have just one shelf in your home that features dozens of dolls. Try doing that with action figures. Sure they are small, but if you collect them then you know that they have to stay in their packaging. Those packages take up a lot of space, but not your cute little Babushka dolls.

3. They are handcrafted:

Babushkas are more than just dolls, they are works of art. Each piece is handcrafted and hand-painted, which means that no two dolls are exactly the same.  You’re not a doll collector, you are simply appreciating great works of art! To all those other art collectors out there, at least these pieces of art are small and can be appreciated anywhere. Your giant pieces of art have to stay pinned up on the wall.

So next time someone tries to give you a hard time about your collection, you can give them a few good reasons why your collection is perfect; in fact, you could even get more dolls for these reasons! A collection is never quite complete, is it? So, the question before was how many dolls are enough? That was of course a trick question, you can never have too many Babushka dolls, but you already knew that!


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