Chrissy Green Babushka


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You haven’t had a strawberry until you’ve had the sweetest strawberries in town! There’s just something about these strawberries that make them world famous. Is it the beautiful sunshine? Is the soil extra fertile? Or are they just grown with love? Given those choices you would definitely know that they are grown with love. There’s no other way to get that special zip into a strawberry! 

Size Largest: 9 cm or 3.5 inches
Set of: 5
Finish: Glossy

signed babushka

As all of our babushka matryoshka Russian nesting dolls, this one is handcrafted in the heart Russia.
It is hand turned from linden wood and then hand painted by a professional nesting doll artist.
It is a typical nesting doll, and each smaller piece of the set fits into the next larger one.

Each doll is coated with 3-5 layers of crystal clear lacquer.
As with all our dolls this one has been signed by the artist.

*Each doll is handmade and hand-painted,
actual sizes and styles may vary slightly

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