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Marilyn Monroe small


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Size Largest: 9 cm or 3.5 inches
Set of: 5
Finish: Gloss

Only one set is available!

1 in stock


Marilyn Monroe (born Norma Jeane Mortenson; June 1, 1926 – August 5, 1962) was an American actress and model. Famous for playing “dumb blonde” characters, she became one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1950s, emblematic of the era’s attitudes towards sexuality. Although she was a top-billed actress for only a decade, her films grossed $200 million by the time of her unexpected death in 1962. She continues to be considered a major popular culture icon.

As all of our babushka matryoshka Russian nesting dolls, this one is handcrafted in the heart Russia.
It is a typical nesting doll, and each smaller piece of the set fits into the next larger one.
Each doll is coated with 3-5 layers of crystal clear lacquer.
*Each doll is handmade, actual sizes and styles may vary slightly